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Ground Gas Protection Verification

Choose Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton for gas membrane testing.

Independent 3rd Party Gas Membrane Testing And Verification 

Development on land affected by ground-gas is increasing. Identifying ground-gas contamination hazards is the first stage of the process that leads to risk assessment, remedial design and finally installation of protection measures. However, if the protection system is not verified then the costs of applying it are a wasted investment. 

Hazardous Ground Gas Consultancy in accordance with BS8485:2015+A1:2019 & CIRIA 735 Harmful, naturally occurring below-ground gases and vapours pose a growing challenge for the Construction Industry. Radon, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds such as Hydrocarbons) are a risk to health and new buildings have to use appropriate materials to keep these gases out of the structure.

Professional Verification Reports

Regulators are increasingly requiring professional verification reports to be submitted before planning conditions can be discharged. Achieving a good standard of installation of gas protection measures is critical and requires a skilled workforce.

Verification of these measures is the vital last step in ensuring quality and, most importantly, demonstrating the development is safe for use. Keating Projects is a market leader in providing the verification services that meet this need.

Contact Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton for more details.

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Do You Need Gas Membrane Testing Services?

Contact Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton for experienced and professional testing and verification. We also offer installation services.

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