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Nationwide Structural Waterproofing And Ground Gas Protection

Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton are specialists!

Keating Projects Ltd is a Dynamic and Innovative Structural Waterproofing & Ground Gas Protection Specialist

We have grown rapidly into a Highly Regarded Delivery Partner.


Keating Projects Ltd specialise in Waterproofing & Ground Gas Protection. Harmful, naturally occurring below-Ground Gases and Vapours pose a growing challenge for the Construction Industry. Radon, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds such as Hydrocarbons) are a risk to health and new buildings have to use appropriate materials to keep these gases out of the structure.


We can offer all round solutions ranging from the smallest domestic project to high-end residential developments, commercial structures and civil projects which can be tailored to even the most challenging environment – above or below ground. We consider the entire project process from concept to completion to the very finest of detail and can provide solutions for all project requirements. Our products comply with British Standard 8102:2022, BS8485:2015 + A1:2019 and are BBA certified.

Construction Solutions

  • Technical support and advice is offered at all levels

  • Site visits can be arranged if required

  • Efficient delivery with our own transport system

  • Next day construction product delivery service available

Our Gas Protection And Waterproofing Services

We are specialists in waterproofing systems, hazardous ground gas barrier installation, hazardous ground gas protection, and hazardous ground gas protection verification.

Building consultation
Construction workers with radio and map
Construction workers discussing plans


In structures where waterproofing must be applied before pouring the concrete, a fully-bonded waterproofing system helps prevent water travelling between the structure and the waterproofing layer. Speak to our experts about below-ground level waterproofing, including Fosroc products and applications.

Gas Protection

For ground gas protection we utilise a Visqueen barrier to prevent the ingress of gas such as methane, carbon dioxide and radon.

Additionally, it acts a damp proofing layer. Contact us today for more information.


We can handle installation services, specialising in structural waterproofing and ground gas protection systems.

Contact Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton for more details and to discuss how we can help you.

Do You Need Structural Waterproofing Services?

At Keating Projects Ltd in Congleton, our services include structure waterproofing, ground gas protection, gas membranes, and gas membrane testing, utilising Fosroc and Visqueen products - CIRIA735, BS8485. Call us today!

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